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Technical Profile of
Alexander C. Pummer,
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Holder of five patents. Improved efficiency on switching mode power supply. Developed technology for precision broad-band RF directional coupler, RF fluid and level sensor, electro-filter for air pollution control, and precision microwave coaxial to wave guide transition. Two recent patents filed and pending. Received John C. Vaaler and Putman Awards on sensors for food processing.


RECENT: Independent Contractor

Finished Projects:

  • Deflection Amplifier for Mass Spectroscopy
  • Power factor corrected power high voltage supply for medical application
  • "Wire bound" low frequency spread spectrum system using the power lines
  • Spread spectrum 2.4 GHz short haul link for high quality digital audio transmission
  • Movement sensor design for IITC Life Science Inc., Burbank, CA
  • 930 MHz FM TV link for safety application
  • 3.1GHz PLL clock system design for 3.1 Gb/sec fiberoptic transmitter system
  • 3.1 GHz timing recovery system design for 3.1 Gb/sec fiberoptic receiver
  • 11 bit video oversampled A/D and digital filter design for 8.5 MHz video application
  • 11 bit video interpolator and D/A design for 8.5 MHz video application
  • Design and introduction to the production of an 1.6 Gb/s clock generator for receiver side
  • A 1.6 GHz clock recovery system for a high performance fiber optic communication system
  • "no see-TV" portable TV audio channel rebroadcast system design for Econologic Inc., featured in the November, 1994 issue of Popular Science
  • IR broadcast system for theaters
  • POLYTRACKER's "STOPZ CAR" self-stopping shopping cart for theft prevention.
  • PLL clock recovery system for high speed-1.6 Gb/s-fiber optic system, goal: cost reduction, reliability improvement, producebility improvement
  • EMC problem analysis and problem solving on digital telecommunication system for Raynet Corporation
  • EMC problem analysis of blood vessel imaging catheter for a California based company
  • 200W high frequency generator design for medical abolition equipment for Cardiac Pathways, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA
  • 2.5kW RF generator with automatic power matching system, for heating application
  • PLL system for self-aligning ultrasound transducer driver
  • Short range high quality audio RF link for medical application
  • Ultrasound system troubleshooting, "fixing other peoples' design flaws"


Medical equipment design: Ultrasound

Designed ultrasound transmitters, low noise high dynamic range receiver amplifiers, programmable power distribution system, and beam former. Conducted feasibility studies on various parts of the ultrasound system. Invented and designed RF swept filter for medical ultrasound system, resulting in substantial cost savings (patented). Diasonics Ultrasound, Inc., Milpitas, CA.

Clinical Equipment

Participated in the design of a lung ventilation machine and established the quality assurance for production. Stability analysis of the lung machine [human-analog-digital feedback loops]. Designed high RPM centrifuge drive [Venturini Drive] design for HAMILTON BONADUZ, Switzerland.

Physical and Chemical Instrumentation

Fluid and powder level meters for Endress + Hauser Mess - und Regeltechnik. Fast and high energy pulse system design, Ion Beam Diagnosis. Gas velocity Laser Doppler sensors, with optical heterodyne system for Dysa Electronics, Denmark. Gas chromatography hydrogen generator and detector design. Electro filter optimization theory and design at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the Technical Univ. of Hungary, Budapest. Optical Instrument design for Sick GmbH, Munich, Germany.

RF and Microwave design

3.1 GHz PLL clock system design for the fastest off the shelf available fiber optic system for C-COR Inc. Fremont California. Digital modulators for various modulations schemes such as QPSK QAM FSK. Low noise power distribution systems and RF subsystems, RF system and subsystem design such as phase locked loops for spectrum converters, oscillators, VCO 950 MHz, high intercept point level control circuits, various low pass filters and diplexers with frequency ranges between 450 MHz and 1 GHz for wide band fiber optic communications system. Raynet Corporation, Menlo Park, CA. High audio quality VHF audio transmission systems in the 45 to 980 MHz range, and supervised the production of a high efficiency antenna system and audio transmission system for the Tomita concert which was held in New York Harbor in 1986. Conducted feasibility study, designed and built a breadboard model of an infrared open air short range communication system for the U.S. Army. Designed and developed a second sound system based on infrared communication for a major automobile manufacturer. Designed a TV cable channel selector which was marketed in the US and Canada under the trademark ViewStar and Philips. Consumer satellite receiver system design with low cost components for ViewStar Corporation, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. High quality Microwave component development and design such as broadband directional couplers, power combiners, wave guide components up to 26 GHz, and RF cable design for Suhner Microwave, Switzerland. Various RF test equipment such as frequency synthesizer up to 16 GHz for magnetic core resonance research for SCHOMANDL KG, Munich, Germany. High dynamic range receiver input stages, direction finders for Rohde & Schwarz Munich, Germany. Transmitter carrier phase synchronizers for The Broadcast Authority of Hessen, Germany. Landing radar, transmitter and receiver design, utilizing the 14 GHz and 40 GHz band, Laser Altimeter for a military fighter aircraft project. Satellite telemetry system design. Extremely low noise parametric amplifiers for a satellite receiver system.


Production Engineering Manager

Managed the production of analog and digital audio signal processing equipment. Actively involved in the design of test and production equipment. Supervised a staff of four engineers, two programmers, twelve technicians, and forty-eight assemblers. Successfully tripled production output resulting in strong sales for the analog noise reduction unit for Dolby Laboratories, San Francisco, CA.

Audio and Video Design

Artificial reverberation system design ("the EMT plate") for professional audio broadcasting for EMT W Franz KG, Lahr, Germany. Designed analog and digital video signal processing and power distribution systems. Established, and supervised production of high quality filters. Designed a video heterodyne processor, phase locked loop controlled clock generator for time base correctors for Digital Video Systems, Inc., Willowdale, Ontario, Canada. Participated on the first Video Test Pattern generator design for Leich Video, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Toy Design

TV Teddy, Baby Cam. Extremely low cost audio and video link design.

And countless other details and system designs in my more than thirty years of work experience with electronics.


Fluent in English, German, and Hungarian, usable knowledge of Russian.

Member of the IEEE, Electromagnetic Society and Communication society,


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Alexander Pummer
PCS Consultant
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